Frequently asked Questions

Is Samos comparable to Crete or Rhodes?

Not really.
Samos is a developed touristic island, but without most of the annoying consequences.

You will find a lot of quiet spots even during peak season; Samos is by far not as overcrowded in summertime as other islands.
So, while there is a variety of things to do and no lack of infrastructure, Samos still makes you feel like a friend visiting and not part of an anonymous mass.

Moreover, there are no buidings higher then 3 floors on Samos which gives the island an authentic face.


Can I pay with my credit card on Samos?

Credit cards are not as common in Greece as elsewhere. You can pay with your card in major car rentas, most hotels, travel agencies and in some - usually the more expensive - restaurants an tourist shops.
In general the smaller - and often cheaper - businesses don't work with credit cards.
You are better off having cash money with you.


How to get cash on Samos?

In all touristic areas (see Your Place on Samos) there are ATMs, most of them with a daily 600 EUR limit on EC/Maestro cards. They also accept credit cards but this is a lot more expensive.

Visitors from outside of the Euro zone can exchange their currency in all banks and most travel agencies. The banks usually offer better rates but the opening hours are limit to 8am to 1pm.
There are banks in Samos/Vathi, Pythagorion, Marathokambos and Karlovassi.


Is Samos a safe place?

Samos has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole European community. So - yes, Samos is most probably the safest place you've ever been to!

However, this does not mean that you should leave your camera lying open on the beach while you go for a swim.
In summertime, like everywhere, there are also those visitors to Samos that the police does not like to see here, although by far not as many as elsewhere.
There are police stations in Samos/Vathi, Karlovassi, Pythagorion and Marathokambos.


We are travelling with our children. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Greece is famous for being very friendly, not to say enthusiastic, towards children.

You will have no problems finding special beds or chairs for kids in your hotel, children seats at the ar rentals, most restaurants offer special dishes for children and if they don't, they will always prepar something on request.
In general, children on Samos are more than welcome!


What if I become ill?

Medical care on Samos is sufficient; there are countless doctors, dentists and pharmacies.
Also there are two hospitals for the more serious cases.

For citizens of the EU health care is generally free.
However, most doctors do not work with the public health service because that is highly disfunctional.
This means that you will have to pay cash like the locals, but with a receipt you will most probably get your money back from your insurance at home.

In case of emergency dial 112.