Flights to Samos

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There are two ways to reach Samos by airplane:

Regular flights


There are currently two airlines serving Samos all year:

- Olympic Airlines
Flies Athens -> Samos at least twice a day, more often during tourist season.

- Astra Airlines
Flies Thessaloniki -> Samos daily.
Prices are lower than Olympic, overall this may be a good alternative.
Many airlines serve Thessaloniki, and if a stopover is needed Thessaloniki is a very nice town to visit as well.

Direct charter flights

Charter companies serving Samos include

Belgium TUI Belgium
Denmark SAS


Germany Air Berlin

Great Britain Germania


Finland TUI Fly Nordic


Italy Alba Star


Netherlands Transavia

Arkefly Holland

Norway Norwegian Air

TUIFly Nordic

Austria Niki Fly

Austrian Airlines

Russia Rossiya

Sweden SAS

TUI Fly Nordic


Switzerland Air Berlin
Slovenia Adria