Getting around

By Bus

Using the bus is the most cost effective way to get around.
During high season there are sufficient bus connections to all major villages on Samos.
However, the bus schedule adjusts to the needs of the inhabitants of Samos. This means that to many smaller villages there is one connection to Samos town in the morning and back in the afternoon.

To find the bus schedule online Click here .


By Car

If you want your own motor we recommend you rent a car.
Doesn't need to be big, Samos isn't too big either.
But it's safer than a motorbike and you can take all the things with you that you need on a great discovery day.

You will find car rental offices in all tourist destinations on Samos.
With some of them you might even get your car directly at the airport.

Or you can click here to book one right away.


By Motorbike

For very experienced drivers only!

The roads on Samos are mostly bad. Where they are not covered with holes the asphalt is like soap, especially in summertime when it does not rain for months.

If you must use a motorbike, take extra special care in bends and when braking, go slow and think twice before overtaking that cement truck.

A lot of accidents happen on Samos with tourists on motorbikes involved.
Also note that helmets are obligatory and the police checks this very frequently, fining you with 175 EUR if they see you without one.


By Scooter

Do not do that!

Everything that goes for motorbikes goes for scooters as well.
In addition, their small wheels make them prone to slip when braking.

Moreover, many of them are not in the best state when it comes to brakes and tires.